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guess i should probably tell you guys whats in here it is

Breeding pair of High Fin Electric Blue Rams
x7 Rummy Nose Tetra
3 chocolate Rabbit Snails
1 Orange Rabbit Snail
2 Assassin snails
2 Apple Snails(they were the first thing i had in my tank and i just dont have the heart to let them go..there huge now..about golfball size
1 Hillstream Loach
1 Cory

Plants are

Flame Moss
Aponogeton Capuroni
Blood Stargrass (Didiplis Diandra)
Ludwigia Scarlet Fire
Rotala Wallichii
Pogostemon Erectus
Dragonfire Foxtail
Vesuvius Sword Plant
Dwarf Narrow Leaf Sagittaria
Vallisneria Corkscrew

Heater(Eheim 25W)
Light(Aquaticlife 20" T-5) ~36wat
Filter(Zoomed 501 Canister Filter) *i dont really like this all dont get it i love Canister filters but these was just not one that i would recommend..i think ill be going with a Fluval model..

I have some rocks in there that i got on Ebay..a little on the expensive side but well worth it for there looks
Seiryu Stones its a Japanese Slate.

I think thats about it...

I know you guys are probably scared that this tank is over loaded..and wile i would normally agree you have to know that i spend hours a day with my tank...and thats not an exaggeration..between the daily water checks PH GH KH Ammonia Nitrate Nitrite...general maintenance..and then just observing the tank and all my fish..just being able to say that you watch your fish for hours a day and know when the slightest change in character is taking place says alot..
plus if you look at the pictures you can see that my Rummy's have VERY bright red noses..and my LF EBR are doing very well..and have already spawned twice in my tank. so i hope that puts to rest any idea of poor quality in my tank..if it doesnt i will gladly listen..and thank you for reading my post/rant
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