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Originally Posted by Ach1Ll3sH33L View Post
Not sure what canister you had, or what your setup was but you can use a ball valve to control the outflow(I looked at your journal, your canister had a problem because an air leak, which will damage the motor on the canister). A canister filter relies on a constant siphon from the intake, its not going to build pressure in the canister by reducing the outflow, it simply will flow less on the intake side as well. Its like hooking up your canister to a u.v or c02 reactor, they will all limit the flow of the outflow, and no harm is done

i have had good luck with these
Two Little Fishies Ball Valve w/ Hose Barbs for 5/8 Inch - (15.88 mm) I.D. Tubing - (1 Per Pack): Industrial & Scientific

the motor does not slow, it runs at a constant rate of speed, and it is the pressure caused by that motor that i believe created the air leak, that prevented the syphon.


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