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Thanks for the info, I ordered some tygon stuff but from the link I posted, company based in California where I live. I ordered 1/8 ID and 1/4 OD. After ordering it I was getting kinda worried I should of orderd 3/16 ID,since that is what standard tubing is I believe. Although, you think the 1/8 should work just fine? I can always heat it up before attaching stuff.

I don't really like the silicone tubing I have right now because its a little too flexible and seems to get pinched coming out of regulator. Im not sure if it matters or not.

I did some testing of silicone tubing, because theoretically that is the most leaky of all tubing types. I did not get any leakage. I had a 25 foot coil of the tubing, plugged at one end, the other end pressurized to up to 40 psi. No bubbles came out of the tubing, and no CO2 flow occurred - I had a normal bubble counter to measure the flow.

My conclusion was that even with the worst tubing, we don't lose any CO2 through the tube walls, so it is best to use the tubing that does what you want, without being concerned about CO2 loss. If you were to have a 250 foot run of tubing, it is possible that you would get a very slight loss of CO2, but not with our typical 10 foot or shorter run of tubing.
Interesting, I was scared I was losing a bunch of Co2 but now possibly I'm not.
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