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As to how hight you need to mount the pipes will be determined by the gallons per hour your sump is moving. With the BeanAnimal you have three Standpipes. the first one is just a restricted drain and it will take about 10 percent of your total flow, and will be underwater so very quiet the second is a durso standpipe with an air hose that attaches to it and is suctioncupped to the inside of the over flow. the lenght of hose determines when the siphon action starts, when the water covers the hose and stops the air vent a siphone is started and water will fow, this pipe is to hold 90 percent of the flow. The emergency pipe is the same as the other durso but with the air line cut higher and will function to take the same 90 percent in case of the first pipe being plugged.

So to answer your question on how high you would have to raise your pipes you will need to figure out what size pipes your going to be using, what your overflow box is rated for in Gallons per hour, how much water your moving through your sump and returning to the tank. Once you have that all noodled out as long as the water falling out of the over flow into the sump has a minimal fall, meaning its only dropping maybe 1" above the max water level in the sump its pretty quiet, another way to help reduc noise is when you plumb the drains use 45 degree elbows and slope the water into the sump and have an acrylic lid with the three holes for pipes to fit into. the lid prevents what little splashing there is.

You may or may not have read this article but i thought id link it anyways

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