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Originally Posted by AlanLe View Post
Did you get rid of the algae problem?
Yes and no. The green dust algae for the most part decreased, I am thinking thanks to reducing photo period. (6 hours)

Although, since I started this post I have moved and I had to drain the tank and refill and I'm having an outbreak of brown diatom algae. Its brown and looks hairy. I am pretty sure its diatom because when I grab it and rub it between my figures it just disolves.

I'm researching how to get rid of it but from what I have read it will go away on its own, but that is in new set ups. Only explanation for it is I caused a mini cycle when moving the tank since the filter was off for an extended period of time. I am doing 50% water changes twice a week with RO water adding seachem equilibrium and baking soda to get 4 degrees kh and 4 degrees GH. (which is what the tank is about)

I'll see if I can get a picture of what the tank looks with the new algae and the added plants I have got.

Oh also forgot I have got new phosphate and nitrate test kit and they are showing some high numbers so I have stoped dosing nitrate and phosphate. Nitrate was around 40 and phosphate was around 5+. I also calibrated the test kits and they seem accurate. (thanks to hoppy Calibrating Test Kits - for non-Chemists)

I have also added 2 zebra nerite snails and 1 tri colored horned nerite. May get more in the future but is all they had when I went and looked.
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