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I don't think you will need any sand for the hairgrass, eco has some "sandy" particles as well as the larger particles. Lileaopsis grows great in mine.
Ok, I'm glad I can throe out the sand. I wasn't exactly thrilled about adding it since I don't want to have to deal with the possible anaerobic bacteria.

But if you want sucess the first time out, I keep the lighting 2-2 1/2 watts and choose plants that do well for that amount of light. Then you can dose a couple times a week or when you feel you need it.
Yes, as this is a small aquarium and I don't want to spend a bundle on it, I think I'll go ahead and get to researching some different lighting options that will put me in that reccomended range. Keeping it simple will be a better option for my first planted tank.

Lileaopsis could make a good sub for the hair grass. I also have it my potting soil tank and it's very pretty and does well. And Sags go crazy in my 180 and I have similar water parameters as yours.
What variety of Lileaopsis do you reccomend, since there are several? And will the variety you reccomend stay reasonably low for my 10 gallon? Good to hear that the sags will do well in similar water. I'll stick with that one.

Back to the drawing board!
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