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Originally Posted by eodmike View Post
They normally have a great selection of plants. They of a few plant geeks there. Did you see the rainbowfish tank? I love that display and the angelfish tank. If you talk to Rick Pruess you can get about any plant you want on order but standard stock is pretty robust. Don't expect white anubias but anything you could expect someone to carry they have.

Did they have any freshwater shrimp in? That is one place they lack.

It is pretty crazy there on the weekends but weekdays are more reasonable.

I love looking at the poision dart frogs. They have tadpoles-adult frogs for you to see.
Yes, I really enjoyed the rainbowfish tank and the angelfish tank. I didn't realize some rainbows could get so big! We did see the tadpoles and they had some freshwater shrimp nanos, but they were all pretty vacant. I saw a few bamboo shrimp, one cherry, two tiny orange shrimp, and something prettier labelled as a zebra shrimp.
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