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Made it to Gittler's Aquarium in Johnstown today. Not really worth the bother. It was better than anything here in Indiana, but then again, all we have is Wally World and the scariest, nastiest, smelliest pet shop in the world.

Gittler's had a decent selection of fish, but some of the prices were really too high ($3-4 per platy, $26 per bag of Eco-Complete, more for Flora Base). Also, their plant selection consisted of one tank of mostly dead Ludwigia, Cabomba, and other common plants. Finally, I had to take issue with some of the fish that they were selling there. They had FW stingrays, bala sharks, iridescents, gars, and clown knives for sale in little dinky tanks. None of them had any notes on the tank saying that all these species grow to be huge. Don't appreciate that.

I'll tell you, it is just about impossible to find a good LFS in this area. I don't expect to find everything imaginable in a store, but all I ask for is clean tanks filled with healthy fish, knowledgable staff, and responsible practices. No such luck.
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