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Re: Crypt Club

Originally Posted by pianofish View Post
Here's my hopeful list if I make my tank around Easter I heart crypts

-C. Ballansae
-C. Spiralis
-C. Blassii
-C. Wendtii "Mi Oya" or "Tropica" I haven't decided yet.
-C. Wendtii "Green"

-C. Pontederiifolia
-C. Beckettii
-C. Wendtii "Florida Sunset"
-C. Rosanervig (Another one to come in later once the tank is established)
-C. Ciliata
-C. Lutea
-C. Wendtii "Red" (Has always grown smaller than other wendtii varieties for me)

-C. Parva (I'm gonna sink a good bit into this to plant a nice carpet and see how it fares. I think it could happen maybe?)
-C. "Flamingo" (I really would love this one )
This sounds like one heck of a build. What size tank?

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