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Just did a little movement of stuff in the tank in anticipation for some new plants I ordered. Trimmed up the lanky hygrophila I get all of them in the back to the same height and cut of some ugly leaves on the madagascar lace.

Crypts were moved and were showing good new growth and roots, hope the move doesn't affect them too much.

Madagascar lace is also popping out some new leaves.

I am getting some petite anubias, blyxa japonica, and fissidens which I think I am mainly putting in over here.

I plan on getting some root tabs for the hygrophila because I think the leaf loss may be due to an iron deficiency

Saw all three amanos finally, were brought out by all the movement an here is also a shot of the bristlenose

I think I am going to put a suction cup on the little piece of driftwood in the middile to put it up on the glass on the right now and just have the lace as a centerpiece with crypts around it.

Also, I am becoming unhappy with the java moss carpet in the middle so thinking about getting a new carpet. Any suggestions for a lower light no co2 carpet.

Stand is started to get assembled until both drill batteries died (need to buy new ones one was supposed to be fully charged)

Think I am gonna rip up the java moss tomorrow and cover the rocks over the cave or something. Should look different tomorrow and ill post some new pics.

I may try to catch your fish if they are big enough
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