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So...what do you think?

I've been making plans to create a 10 gallon planted and divided tank for two male betta spendens. But first I want to run it by the experts here on this forum.

The plants I would like to use are dwarf hairgrass for the foreground, heteranthera zosterifolia for the back ground and broad leaf saggitaria in the middle.

The tank will be a regular glass 10 gallon. For lighting I will use 2 Coralife Mini Freshwater Aqualights that include 2 9 watt 6700k lamps each. This would give me 3.6 watts/gallon. For subtrate I would like to use Carib Sea Eco Complete and a layer of sand in the foreground for the hairgrass. I'll be using two sponge filters and a Hydor Theo 50 watt heater. I'll also be supplementing with Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel.

My water is quite hard with a GH of 150 ppm, KH 180 ppm and pH out of tap at 7.4. The pH, once it's been aerated and added to my 55 gall., reads 8.0, so I think I have a lot of dissolved CO2 in my tap water.

Will I be able to get away with no CO2? Do you reccomend I use different plants? Do you reccomend a different subtrate or additives? What do you guys think?
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