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in response to the original question, i used to keep some corn snakes in planted aquariums, but found that it works best if you keep only potted plants, which can be switched out every so often with fresh plants grown out of the tank. my problem was with scale rot due to humidity. lights that are bright enough to grow the plants produce a lot of heat, which raises the humidity and leads to problems watering the plants, and scale rot....

now, you might be able to get away with it if you use LEDs and kept a fan on the tank to keep the humidity down. regardless, corn snakes are ill suited for a planted terrarium.

i have had pretty decent success with various watersnakes and garter snakes though. some of the blue eastern garters can be quite stunning, and they are much more resistant to scale rot than corn snakes.

a snake that will have no problem in a planted terrarium is an eastern ringneck snake. they are my all time favorite snake. the only downside is that they tend to spend a lot of time in the dirt hunting for earthworms. they can handle very high levels of humidity, are easy to keep if you can get them earthworms, and will breed readily if you have a healthy pair(you need baby worms to raise the young). plus, they are so small they are cute as hell.
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