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Originally Posted by Sc0pe92 View Post
So having 2 guppies 2 platies and 6 tetras would be overstocking?

the general rule of thumb is to have one gallon per inch of FULLY GROWN fish. you have to account for how big the fish will grow when it is an adult. some people dont like to follow this rule but its a good idea to follow if you are just starting out. honestly i always like to understock my fish tanks because it gives me some wiggle room when it comes to water changes. that means that if i skip a scheduled water change, everything will be fine because i dont have the maximum amount of fish. if i were you, i would stop getting fish and start getting more shrimp because cherries are nice and do not produce much waste. take it easy on the fish and do some 20-30% water changes every week or two. good luck!
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