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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
Crypts are a very adaptable plant. they send time each year above & below the water depending on dry/wet seasons in their native habitat. Crypts come from various types of water and soil conditions. From brackish estuary steams to acidic backwater to mountain fed streams. They also are effected by light levels.

I would not be surprised if the same variety of crypt in 5 tanks had 5 different variations of the same leaf color/shape based on tank perimeters .
+1 for crypt crew here. Wendtii (green) and lutea for now, more to come in the next week or two; planning on starting up a 20 long this weekend.

And yes, light levels and tank parameters make a much bigger difference than I thought they would...I bought a pack of crypt wendtii from petsmart back in August or September, and it had four little sections of plant in it. I put two in my betta tank and two in my blue dwarf gourami's tank. Now, the crypts in the betta (well, African dwarf frog tank now, the betta finally signed off a couple weeks ago ) are low and bushy, having been under a stronger light. The gourami's crypts haven't gotten quite as much light, but are just as full, twice as tall, and the leaves are bigger and longer than the other ones. Even I can't seem to stop them.
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