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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
Same here. I'd probably still end up with some sort of plants. But nothing that needs ferts, special lighting, or CO2.
Simply out of ignorance and lack of funds, my tanks are all non CO2, special lighting, or ferts (except for osmocote caps when I remember for the substrate plants, every few months). I use a regular diamond plate T8 fixture from Home Depot and the reflector is so polished I have to raise the light several inches off the tank top - on a 125g. That light is perfect for crypts, anubias, ferns, bolbitis, etc. I guess because my set ups are so low tech/low light, I've never gotten into stem plants - but I find I love the narrowleaf java fern/big broad leafed anubia combos. Long skinny trailing leaves and big fat upright leaves. I'm perfectly happy with this look and it's so easy to care for. At the advice of someone that I recently got anubias from, I started using Excel. I only do a 1/2 dose once (at most twice) a week and I have seen positive changes in the deep green color of the plants and the typically slow growth associated with low tech has sped up a bit (as fast as low tech can - lol). I'm very pleased with the ease of care - the main reason I'm going this route with my future tanks. I don't think you would mind a few simple plants that don't have to be in the substrate and don't have to be coddled/trimmed.

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