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Originally Posted by Barbgirl View Post
How many gallons is that tank? I would hesitate to put platies in there, based on the size of the tank and that they breed worse than rabbits. I would add to those cherries instead. The neons may go after the shrimp so keep an eye on them.

Those swords will also get quite large in there so be prepared to trim! Also, make sure that only the roots of the anubias are in the gravel and that the rhizome is NOT buried, they don't like that much.

Looks like you are off to a great start! Love the clean and simple look!

Oh yeah and maybe get some moss on the driftwood for cover for the shrimpies!
Thanks for the feedback! It is a 12 gallon tank

And as far as the anubias I did lose one I had before because I buried the rhizome(did not know) but this one is currently doing fine. What moss is recommended to grow on the wood?
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