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No, I don't, sorry. I had given the tank away over a decade ago.

I just used the standard aquarium-safe silicone, I believe it was just the GE windows&doors clear, but I'm not certain. went through several caulk-gun tubes.

I just bought a bag or two of lava rock at a hardware store/garden center, and then tried to piece them together sorta like building a stone wall, to minimize the gaps betwixt them.

I started by gluing in some pvc or something for the pump chamber/overflow, and a piece of tubing going to the opposite corner for the waterfall output.

Then I just laid the tank on it's back, and started siliconing lava rocks to the back pane and one of the sides. After that was done, I then built out a ledge at about water level, with a few pockets to hold substrate and terrestrial plants, built up the waterfall area, and built a pillar to support the ledge.

It's definitely lighter then bricks, but it can still get fairly heavy. I was just doing a 10 gallon, and the thing must of weighed about 40 lbs or so when I was done.

I'm currently messing with some pumice I bought at a landscape supply place (labeled 'Feather Rock') and considering using it in a paludarium/riparium I'm currently planning. Also lightweight, and it can be cut/shaped fairly easily (for a rock...).
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