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Dose? if you mean Meds, then no I haven't dosed anything. The fish I have in there currently:
2 female bettas (2")
3 small cory catfish (3" max ones, currently 1.5")
Emerald cory catfish (4" max, currently 3")
4 Ghost Catfish (2")
5 Leopard Danios (1.5")
a Red Tailed Shark (2")
3 Otocinclus (1")
2 Tiger Loaches (2")
3 Black Loaches (3")
and 2 African Frogs (1")

Everyone gets along well and the only aggressiveness I've seen is between the 2 tiger loaches spinning in circles with eachother, though that dosn't happen very often at all. Otherwise everyone gets along well and no one even gives the bamboo shrimp a 2nd look.

It's all in a 55 gallon planted tank (plants are still growing in but somewhat established) with at least 3 decent places to hide (a fake hollow rock, a fake hollow thick branch, and a Tiki idol). It was tap water that went into the tank, but was treated prior and left to age for 24 hours after treatment. I have no idea where you get RO water, my local shops only carry Betta water in gallon jugs for extortionate prices.

The tank is about 5 months old now. It's been cycled for over 4 months and the only issue I've had is one of my Oco's and a frog getting caught in the filter intake (which I now have put a net over to stop that happening again). All my levels are fine, temps at 81F, the only thing I don't have a check for is hardness and iodine, though I don't see how this would make them not eat at all.

I tried spot feeding them algae wafers and a few fish flakes that I'd dissolved into a watery paste, with a piece of air tube slightly in front of them so that it clouded near their fans. Neither responded at all. I've also tried frozen brine shrimp after it was mentioned that they like them, and again no responce.

I just don't understand why they don't even TRY to feed... I read countless postings about them pulling up substrate when starving, but mine don't even try to eat anything. They just sit there all day with fans clamped shut and have got progressively weaker over the last week. If they'd at least try to feed then I'd at least know if there wasn't enough food in the water column by them picking at the floor, but this is just downright baffling as to why they won't even try.

Is the squash or zucchini even going to help if they're not trying to eat? I don't want to pollute the tank with something if it's not even going to help them. I mean I'll do it... but I just don't see how it's going to get them to eat when they're not even trying to already.

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