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I always dislike when it comes to this... I hate the idea that petstores have that life is cheap, and because that one died "here have another one!".

Well the red one is on his side again thismorning, still twitching now and again. The red-brown one is sitting about 2 feet from the powerhead with it's back to it, still not a single fan deployed. I'm starting to wonder if their fans were damaged at the pet store. I remember when I got them that they were all hiding in a fake log they had, and only one had it's fans out. I don't think I got the one that had it's fans out, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they only just got them in, hence why they were hiding.

The ones at my more local Petco are at least fanning and moving around their tanks (though picking up substrate). And yes it was a teenager who was in charge there. He was telling me that he moves them from tank to tank so that they always have plenty of food (because I asked why he was letting them sift substrate), but I know that they have never moved them from their current tank. It just shows what bad conditions they're in before you buy them, though I do know that Petco does much better than Petsmart (who had like 50 dead fish one morning when I went in).

I think I'll try taking them back today, alive or dead, as I can't stand to sit and watch them both die.
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