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Question Planted aquarium shrimps

Hi all,

I started my first planted aquarium 10 days ago. I am using ADA substrate, additives and fertilizers. And I am happy to see new growth of the plants. Now I want to add some shrimps and oto catfish for algae control and cleaning purposes. I am not going for any other fishes now. Later I will add a group of tetras.

But I have a doubt, regarding the shrimps. I am confused between Amano and Red Cherry shrimps. As I am from India, and I do not have much suppliers here. And the few, who are selling Amano, selling it at a very high price. So, I decided to go for Red Cherry, though they are not cheap as well, but they are as compared to Amanos. But I want to know, how effective they are? Will the Cherries serve my purpose?

Please give me advice, regarding these issues, and also for any other good compatible fishes. I will highly obliged all your advises, please help me out with my First planted attempt.

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