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Originally Posted by rodcuda View Post
Assassin snails will wipe them out. Just a couple will do it.
Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
Aren't limpets too small for assassins?
Just got this response from one of the assassin snail sellers regarding whether they will eat limpets or not.

"These will not eat fresh water limpets."

"We did some research and most of them states that assassin snails does not eat fresh water limpets. Also from experience our assassin snails never eat freshwater limpets. You are right about limpets being too small for assassin snail to consume. We are however is unsure whether or not baby assassin snails will munch on freshwater limpets."

So this question is for rodcuda. Is it only the baby assassin snails that will eat the limpets?

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