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Just felt like updating this journal since I feel it has changed a fair amount and progressed nicely lol

What I've changed:
- Added 23" Marineland Bubble Wand (for oxygenation)
- Added Ebiken Shou/Nagomi (for trace minerals)
- Added Indian Almond Leaves (for biofilm w/ magical tannin juices)
- Added peacock moss to left of the tank
- Replaced feeding dish with reptile water dish to look more "realistic" (blend in)
- Replaced light with Zoomed Florasun (pinkish hue)
- Removed frogbit and replaced with riccia (floating)

Babies are now everywhere and survival rate is looking pretty good. Hopefully it remains that way and I can hit my goal of ~200 CRS/CBS. Planning to add White Goldens into the mix.

Ideal tank paramaters are set at:
~200 TDS
~5.5-6.0 pH
~ 4-5 gH
~ 0-1 kH
~ Temp 21-23'C

Anyways, just thought I'd ask 1 question while posting an update about my aquarium:

Will my riccia pull through? The one that yellowing. It became yellow because it wasn't in direct light of the aquarium (which is why the other 2 are perfectly fine). And the skewer system I made is there to position and keep the riccia in direct lighting.

Also, will the Java Moss be okay with the riccia island floating on top of it? I hope the shade of the riccia won't start killing my Java moss.

Thanks for reading (: !
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