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Originally Posted by Aquatic Delight View Post
i think that maybe some of the times its one of those things where if the wife wasn't saying no, they would end up on hoarders. tanks everywhere, tiny walkways, even a bridge of tanks. hehe i can just see the hoarders crews faces. OMG its so beautiful.....but my god, there must be 12,000 tanks in here.....then out of a planted 250 pops the crazed husband with boesemani rainbow in his mouth!
OMG laughing so hard i'm crying. Ooooh the visuals!

Oh and I think is because men don't negotiate as well as women. I started with a 2 gallon fishbowl, and have negotiated my way up to 2 90G's a 20G and a 15G. Probably about a dozen other tanks of assorted sizes have come and gone in the process of me getting to my big tanks. As long as I'm not spending a fortune, and I don't make a mess. He could care less.

Besides, he still plays with lego, and that stuff costs a fortune! He gets a couple lego sets. I get a new aquarium, or light hood or w/e i need at the time. If I want money for my hobby, I make sure there's some for his.
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