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A Few Vivarium Plants for Sale

A Few Vivarium Plants for Sale

I need to make some room! I am clearing out one whole growout enclosure and selling off most of its contents. This is a variety of plants and includes a few unusual things. Many of these are true terrestrial plants, so they are good choices for planting into the bottom of your viv. They include a number of NOID plants that I had gotten a long time ago as unidentified cuttings.

These plants were not getting enough love or elbow room, so some of them are looking a little ratty and for those prices are reduced. For size reference all of the potted specimens are in 3" pots. Some of these I will ship potted, while others will ship bare root.

Thanks for looking!


NOID bromeliad - I don't know what this is. Do you? I think it might be a Tillandsia or similar epiphytic bromeliad. It grows pretty fast and the whole thing is about 12" long - $8

Calyptrocalyx hollrungii - dwarf palm with mottled leaves from New Guinea. Look up the pretty pictures of this plant on the Internet! You can probably keep this plant pretty small in your viv for a couple of years. - TWO slightly ratty plants $3 each

Philodendron NOID #2 - This plant grows pretty big leaves when the vine develops larger, but you can also keep it small like this with leaves only 3" long. I'll ship this bare root. - $6

Stelis sp. orchid - This is a very easy orchid for intermediate conditions. It has bloomed for me twice and I have also divided it several times. It looks a little sad right now but just put it in a good spot and it will start to grow for you right away. - $5

Philodendron 'Sucre's Slim' - This is a distinctive, slow-growing philo. Shipped bare root. - $10

Philodendron NOID #1 - I got this very attractive small philo a couple of years ago as a small stem cutting here on dendroboard, but I lost the tag. I'll ship this plant bare root. - $9

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