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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Back to what i was saying about keeping things simple. I went to home depot to pick this up:
This has a measure of 8-7-6 for NPK and i first used it in a random quart container and some java moss that seemed to be brown and dying. Before using fertilizers, the moss sort of just stayed the same not getting better but not getting worse for about 3 weeks by the window. 3 pond snails were added and fed once a week but still to no benefit. I think i paid $4-5 for this bottle. The first signs of growth came within the first week with new strands of moss emerging from the old growth. After 3 weeks, the green growth seemed to take over about 50% of what seemed to be the old brown moss. As of two weeks ago. i gave the moss away in my RAOK which would have appeared to be crisp, lush and new as if it came out of my own shrimp tank.

I hope you can experience the happiness i had with this little experiment with ferts. it simply works and im sure anyone here can spare a small plastic container, some java moss and a window sill with about 4-5 hours of sun to test this out.
Should we be worried about the toxicity of heavy metals in this product?

I bought this same fert last week and put a little in a tank that I was transitioning out of a dry start. Afterwards, I did some research on here and found a link to this website that lists the metal content:

Does anyone know how these levels compare to those found in products intended for aquarium use and considered shrimp/fish safe? After fertilizing for a while with this product, would the moss be safe to put into a shrimp tank?
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