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210G 7ft aquascape critique / help

This tank has been running about a month now and most of the plants are starting to show decent growth after their acclimation period.

Plants currently in the tank are:

Water Wisteria
Bacopa monnieri
Crypts (forget which kind)
Dwarf Sag
Hygro (2 kinds, forget the names)
Java fern
Anubias gigantea
Floating pennywort
Cardamine Lyrata
Ludwigia (not sure the type)
A little bit of Rotala (unsure of the type again)

I would like some feedback on my aquascape so far. This is my first planted tank attempt so I would like to get a good start before I have too much growth. I am also using soil substrate so don't want to be rescaping later.

Awkwardly placed rocks are on driftwood until it sinks on it's own (hopefully)

If you have any additional plants you recommend to help the tank 'pop' by all means please make your suggestion

Thanks for looking Sorry for the poor picture quality once it starts looking good I will go for high res photos to show it off!

Full Front

Left side

Right side
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