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Hello Everyone,

This is my Spec V which was filled on Friday. I bought a piece of driftwood from an LFS near my work along with an anubias and a stem plant I forgot the ID on. I will be getting the heater, ferts, and a test kit tomorrow afternoon. The plan going forward is to buy a lot more plants on Thursday. I will drain the tank to plant and adjust the substrate a little bit as this scape was done as a temporary. Then hope to add a fish or to early next week. Any suggestions on plants to looks for would be much appreciated, as would any tips for someone new to the planted scene. I am planning to keep a small shoal of tetras along with a few ottos and shrimp as the cleanup crew. Also, would I be able to get away with a dwarf Gourami with weekly 50% changes? I have a shrimp (cocktail) in there to help along the cycle.

Set Up:

Stock Fluval Spec V
50W Hydor heater

10lbs Eco Complete
Root Tabs

Dosing Excel, Flourish, and Seachem N, P, K

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