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Originally Posted by jone View Post
Try a doberman..very sleek..has plenty of energy..very short haired and a docked tail..Very easy to train and are pretty smart..Maybe a little too smart. You have to invest time in your dog no matter what breed but dobermans become one of your family..(especially acting like a human) From my experience they are family dogs if raised from a puppy in the family enviroment..They become one of the family. Always looking to be part of everything ,also have a great protective instinct for their family...I have never owned another breed and always will have dobermans..I do not know who owns who..As I sit on the floor while my two boys lay on there blankets on the couch...Always 2 dobermans at my house..

Another vote for Doberman here. I had a female rescue that I got when she was about five. I had her for the next six years before she passed on. That was the sweetest, kindest dog I have ever had the pleasure to know.
They need training like any dog would. But the friend you get is lifelong.

Edit: this one is not mine, but acts just the same. Playful, but obedient when necessary.


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