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Why are men on this forum scared of their wives or girlfriends?

Originally Posted by Dany08fa View Post

i do agree with you if you have a good relationship. but from just my family experience on both my mom's/dad's side of the family more then 50% of them end up getting a divorce. very sad.

just a statistic i looked up real quick:
"The marriage breakup rate in America for first marriage is 41% to 50%; the rate after second marriage is from 60% to 67% and the rate in America for 3rd marriage are from 73% to 74%."

my parents run a restuarant and i'm currently working hard to learn the business. my parents are planning to help me open my own in the future. i've seen to many times were couples get a divorce and the women takes everything... 50% or as much as they can... along with leaving you with a broken heart. granted sometimes the guy deserves it, but othertimes not at all.

good thing there are plenty of fishies in the sea. lol. hopefully one day i'll find the right one so this doesn't happen to me!
And the common reason for divorce... money issues. Or relationship issues caused by money problems.

Just another reason why personal finances are important

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