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Originally Posted by MCHRKiller View Post
A mindset such as this is probably why the divorce rate is so high these days.
Being female and a fish dork...I don't see why some women would have an issue with tanks. However for what I spend on my hobbies...I feel my SO should be able to spend on hobbies. This is perhaps where some complaining happens with couples; one party spends loads on something and the other feels left out and as if they dont have the ability to engage in something they would like to do. I am not married, have been in a long term relationship and currently live with the other.
+1 on this, we play this "what I spend on my hobby, you can spend on yours" game so it works out well. I support his video games and car shows (appauling his mother in the process) and he supports my tank/ fish/ reptile/ any pet addiction. He likes fish but not addicted, and video games are fun for me...for a while and then I get bored. We both participate and we both make decisions on OUR money because it is shared. For a while he worked and I didn't, when before it was the reverse. Even before we were married and living together we shared money so we have both always had EQUAL say in how it is spent. Basically, bills first and foremost, hobbies divided by 2 so each of us gets a share. Makes it simple, straigthforward and we both are happy! It was a mutual decision to keep only one tank for now. We live in a small apartment and until we move, we just don't have the budget or the room. I would LOVE to completely populate our entire place with tanks, but it's just not realistic.

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