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Bamboo Fan Shrimp - Not Eating at All

Hi all, joined the site because I've been unable to find much info for my particular issue.

I got a pair of Bamboo Shrimp (from petco) about 2 weeks ago. They're about 3" in length and seemed somewhat healthy at the time (to someone who didn't know alot about them other than what Petco told me). One has been flame red since I bought her, and the other has stayed a dark red-brown. I've never seen them open their fans at all, and looking closely the fans are blackish-gray colored and tightly clamped together.

The first week they both stayed at the top of my filter intake tube (75 gal filter on a 55gal tank). Having not seen them open their fans at all I was worried that they wern't eating, so I bought a powerhead (500gal p/h). Neither of them even bothered to move. Come a few days ago the bright red one is very weak, can barely move (gets blown about in the current a bit and just lays on it's side) while the red-brown one still continues to not use it's fans.

I've checked all the stats of the tank... PH is 7.4, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites. I'm not using anything with heavy metals, copper, or any medications. The tank has plenty of live plants and a decent stock of fish (about 15 all around 2", and nothing that would hurt them) so I'm not sure if it's a lack of food (they haven't ever scraped the bottom for food... I don't think they've even bothered to try to feed) or if they were just starting to get ill when I bought them.

I've been searching through the internet for 3 days now looking to see what's going on and every time I think I've found something it's going on about eating off the floor. Mine don't eat... period. They just sit there (currently in the current from the powerhead after I put them there) and shuffle about a little bit. The bright red one keeps falling off and laying on his back/side and only tries to move every now and again.

Just dosn't make any sense to me... I've even tried spot feeding them and nothing. At this point I'm somewhat desperate, but I fear it's already too late to do anything. I'd appreciate any help or insight anyone can offer as to why they don't even try to eat.
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