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New Nano tank owner. How am I doing?

Hello ive had my tank set up for about 2 months now. After trial and error my tank seems to have been running great.

What I currently have in the tank

3 Amazon Swords
1 Anubias Nana

5 neon tetra (had 6)
1 guppy (had 2)
1 red cherry shrimp (had 2)
2 Nerite Zebra Snails

I did lose one of each fish at the beginning

Well if you had to rate my tank what would you give it

Note: This is my first tank ever in my life. So I am very new to the hobby.

Thinking of adding 2 platties this weekend and replace the fish I lost in the beginning. Also what other plants should I put I was thinking a Moss Ball in the bottom right corner theres an empty space there but need some expert ideas on what to put. Thoughts?
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