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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Man, your HC Cuba looks great! I can get mine looking like yours only on the top layer and they just die off. Once again, confused as to how to trim them.

It seems I'm in this cycle of trim and wait, never good growth overall. Only got the growth looking good on top.

HOW ????
I took a look on your thread, and tried to figure out what's wrong. Well, I'm guessing that your tank need more lighting so that it can penetrate to the lower parts of the carpet. And maybe you should check your iron dosing. Some people say that HC needs more iron or the leaves will turn yellow.

If it still doesn't work, (I know this is harsh) it would be better if you try over again. This time, I'm suggesting that you use finer gravel. I'm using ADA powder type and it helps a lot for HC to anchor on into the gravel because HC has very thin roots.

I trimmed my HC just like everyone did. You can watch it on YouTube.

Originally Posted by Jarek Strzechowski View Post
Your tank is absolutely gorgeous!! Where did you get your amano iwagumi rocks?
Thank you the rocks are from ADG Shop. its called Sado-Akadama.

Originally Posted by BS87 View Post
There are 2 stores I have found that are better than the chains.

PetWorld/Aqua Shop are really helpful people, have good prices and have two locations (Greece, near the mall and Fairport next to the Wegmans).

ABC Pet city has some really nice stuff some times, It's all family owned. They are super helpful (sometimes hard to understand due to the russian accent), maybe a bit pricey.
Thank you for the information. I didn't know that. Maybe I didn't explore Rochester enough.
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