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Originally Posted by arbai89
I am in the process of still learning and making the water more suitable for GBR.

had 3 but they didn't survive for more than a month.
now i have peat moss to lower the ph and temperature at around 78-80 with water changes every week (55 gallon)

is there anything else i am missing?

also how do i acclimate a 7.5 ish ph to a 6.5 ish ph (since some of these stores are 7.x ph)
I'm in the same boat! My tap water comes out at 8.4+
I havent received my kH and gH test kits yet.
My tank water is about 7.6 (with 2.0ppm ammonia!). I have heard that kH and gH can be more/equally important. I'm still learning about hardness,etc and what it takes to correct it. Looks like an RO unit may be in my future. Tired of adding stuff to my tank that I'm not sure whats in it! Including my water.

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