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Makes sense. I don't like the idea of adding a PH lower additive. I've read that it can cause more issues than it potentially solves. I'm just avoiding any fish that need more acidic water.

I love the Mopani driftwood. I wanted to go that route, but I couldn't source a large enough piece and I didn't want to have to soak it for several weeks.

I'm definitely not going to be adding CO2. I'd like to keep the plant growth relatively low, so I don't have to worry about trimming maintenance. Also, higher tech tanks don't appeal to me because above the plant maintenance, it's an even higher level of maintenance and monitoring requirement which I don't have time for at this point in my life. I have started adding some fert after each water change to help provide the plants with any missing nutes. I've also considered the API CO2 booster, but am waiting to see how the plants react with the fert first before adding anything else. I'd like to know how each additive helps individually.

Thanks again for all of the info and advice. I'm definitely open to learning.
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