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Another GO! ISO Rimless 40B

Every Time I Think I Am OUT, They Pull Me Back IN!

I started a planted tank almost 2.5 years ago that was quite short lived. After taking considerable time researching and sourcing equipment, I finally started the planted aquarium when my wife was pregnant with our first child.... Not a good idea! Needless to say once I really got the aquarium up and running, it was just an argument every week when I was doing my weekly maintenance.
Short story... I lost the argument and the tank!

Not sure why I am looking for more abuse since we are now expecting our second child, but I am looking to start a new planted aquarium... this time the tank will be in my office and not at home.

My plan is to build a high tech 40B with a fully automated weekly water change system. My office has a lot of plumbing options in the wall and for some reason has its own mini hot water tank and the ability to plumb and drain a somewhat complicated system that should allow me to enjoy easy weekly water changes... that is for another thread!

For now, I am ISO a rimless 40B that I can source locally with the ability to drill multiple holes in the rear and bottom of the aquarium. My end game plan is for no equipment to be seen in the aquarium.

I do not want to break the bank on the aquarium... so looking locally.
And if this does not exist locally, wondering where you would buy online. I am not interested in using glasscages - if I can avoid it.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

PS - I am located in Brooklyn - And I have a car for any Tristate sourcing... I dont think I would drive up to Buffalo.. you get the point!

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