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Thanks for the add, I'll post up some shots of my tank when I get a break from school and work >:O Decent little 55 that's heavily planted. The right half of it is awesome, but the left half is very spacious. I'll at least try to get the picture from my phone even though it's not the quality of my D90.

Here's the picture from my phone.

This is about two weeks into the tank. Since then it has exhibited massive growth in full eco complete substrate at about 3.5-4" deep across the tank. I've got a 2x54W T5HO fixture as well. Filtration is a Rena XP2, and that thing does work. I haven't gotten around to pressurized CO2 quite yet, but it's definitely going to be an elaborate setup. I also want a 12 long rimless but I'm gonna have to wait on that. The good DSLR pics will come when I get home.

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