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Originally Posted by Beswick View Post
Ok Ive been EI dosing dry ferts for about 2 months now in my 60F and Im just not getting the results I want. I keep getting huge breakouts of hair algae that just consumes everything. Three weeks ago I took everything out and removed all the algae, everything was spotless. It came back a week later full force. I also have to scrub what looks like green dust algae off the hardscape every week. What's going on? I have ample CO2, I overdose the tank because there's no livestock. Lighting is provided by a Finnex Ray II Dual 7000K 10 inches above the water level for 6 hours a day.
My EI regime is as follows:
Wednesday: 1/8tsp KNO3, 1/16tsp KH2PO4
Thursday: 1/16tsp CSM+B
Friday: 1/8tsp KNO3, 1/16tsp KH2PO4
Saturday:1/16tsp CSM+B
Sunday:1/8tsp KNO3, 1/16tsp KH2PO4
Monday:1/16tsp CSM+B
Tuesday: Rest
after i posted i took a look at the dosing calculator and saw that my dosing was way off. i was following a mixture that was off another site and when plugging those into the calculator just put everything over. but looking at yours, the kno3 dose is a bit high for our tank. take a look at the calculator and you'll see what i mean. ive got mine closer to this (got the ferts from gla's website so im working with what i have)

x3 weekly
5/64 tsp kno3
1/64 kh2po4
5/64 k2so4
x3 weekly
1/16 traces
then one day of rest and a 50% water change.

going to try this and up my light again.
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