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G/F veto's 60H, what ADA tank + stand to get?

Hey all,

I'm looking for some advice on which fish tank and stand to buy. I just moved to downtown Vancouver, BC, where I found a LFS that sells ADA equipment, but with living downtown means small living space. So I'm currently trying to balance living space with a girlfriend, with a challenging apartment sized fish tank for this awesome hobby.

What I need help with is, which tank and stand should I get that would work with my current equipment? Originally, I thought the ADA 60H with the wooden stand would work perfect. It would give me 20 gallons, plenty of room in the stand to store my high tech gear and so on; however, the g/f says no, so I'm in limbo and need some advice. The reason for the no go is the tank is too long at 24". 18" or 45cm is the max that would work. And the 45x45x45 is too large as well for the space. What I really want is something that will keep my CO2 tank, canister filter and equipment hidden.

Currently I have:

28 gallon 30"x12"x18", which needs to go.
Petsmart stand that never worked or looked nice, and which needs to go.
Fluval 206 canister
10lb CO2 Tank
GLA Supreme CO2 Regulator
DoAqua Music Glass 20d co2 diffuser
23"x4" Heat sink RapidLED CREE dimable system
4"x6"x4" PH Controller
Auto Fert System
You can check out my "Techy Tank Attempt" for picks of my gear.

So let me throw down some combinations that I find interesting,
ADA 30x30x30 cube.
It is much smaller, but it's a neat shape.
Looks good,
Filter and setup would fit within a enclosure.
Would work good as a second tank when I upgrade to a larger tank down the road.

Which stand do I get?
My CO2 tank, and filter would not fit in the same cabinet. I would have to buy a mini CO2 canister system. Cost for ADA 120$ plus refill tanks.
My light fixture is too long and would look stupid. I would need to cut it, build a small heat sink and move all the LED's over, or but a different lighting system altogether. Cost 150$ minimum.

Which stand do I get for this? Would co2 tank, and fluval 206 fit under the fish tank?
Fits the size requirements
Big enough to get some interesting fish
It's a 10 gallon tank. Decent for an apartment, but I wonder "Whats the point?" if I really want to get the 60H or 60P down the road (when we move) which is a scaled up version of the same tank dimensions.

This seems like an akward size of tank to work with.
Which stand do I get? And would it fit my current co2 tank and fluval 206?
15 gallons is getting reasonable in size.
Never seen this one in person, how does it look?

40x20x30 (Mini L)
Would rather get the cube since it is a similar volume.

Fluval Edge 12 Gallon
I have also considered the Fluval edge 12 gallon, but I'm not impressed with the lighting and worry about growing advanced plants with that setup. With the built in filter, I could store my fluval 206 and use the space under a fluval stand to house my CO2 tank. This setup would save me some $$.

I'm not worried about the cost of the tank and stand. I originally budgeted about 1000$ for the 60H 200$, and ADA wooden stand 500$ + tax. Any input on my dilemma would be fantastic. I can't be the only guy on here who is struggling with a small apartment and a girlfriend that veto's the larger tanks.
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