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I don't want a lazy dog, I just don't want a dog that is running full speed laps around my house knocking the kids over. I have no problem going outside and walking the dog, or throwing a ball/Frisbee/rope/etc till they cant go anymore. But at the end of the day when it's time to wind down and chill for an hour or so before bed I'd like some calm and quite.

I'll be honest I will need some instruction in training as it's been a while since I have trained one and never really had one trained well.

I think the catalouha looks like an awesome dog, and the thought of having something capable of boar hunting is great. I have actually been looking for some property in east Tennessee to do some boar hunting in. But I don't want something extremely hard to train either. I'm still really looking at a bulldog.

I had a neighbor a few years ago who had a one year old American bulldog that was 105lbs of solid muscle and hadn't stopped growing, great dog. Very intimidating yet very sweet and was great with my kids. If I get one I'd like one that will get big. I don't know why but I have always preferred the larger breed dogs and then I still want one that is a little larger than normal.

Years ago I had a pure black lab who on his hind legs was over 6' and weighed in at 110lbs. To be honest it was the meanest dog I had ever had. Was never treated wrong, just very territorial. There were two people (my brothers) who didn't live in the house who could come in without the dog having to go in a cage. Over his life he put one in the hospital and bit countless others for coming in the yard or house. Yet my kids could take his food, beat him with toys, pull his ears and he would lay there and lick them all day long.

Anyway I'm rambling. Well I'm off to bed I will pick this back up tomorrow.

Semper Fi
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