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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
I think you would really enjoy a visit to the N.A.L.C. show in La. or Tx. you would be able to see maybe 50 to 75 Purebred Catahoulas, involved in Cattle & boar trials, conformation and obedience. I've recently finished Travis Lure Course title and hope to get down to work him on cattle & hogs.

This is a pic from a two dog bay-up. The dogs are not allowed to tough the boar, the boar has nor rules too follow. Of camera is the handler is in the paddock with the dogs & boar. The athletic ability of the Catahoula is truly unbelievable to see.

I happy to your group is being demanding in who they sell dogs to.
Yes we are not ever going to hunt or do any serious training or showing with our dogs, but I would like to see boar trials with Catahoulas someday. There are some really amazing YouTube videos of the dogs with boars and their speed and strength is amazing.
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