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Originally Posted by Ach1Ll3sH33L View Post
Why not hook up the surface extractor to your eheim. will get that big bulky powerhead out of the tank.
That's sounds like a good idea. Will try that.

Originally Posted by kwheeler91 View Post
a better question is why use it at all?
Surface skimmer helps a lot in gas exchange. Even after a month, if I don't switch on skimmer, in just one day I can see a thick layer of oil.

Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
Beautiful erios! I think I spot hygrophila pinnatifida, a stunning plant, where did you find that at?

What camera are you using? The photos are great.
Yeah there's a pinnatifida too. I got a leaf of it in a Christmas moss clump that someone sent me. I just planted it without giving much of a thought. And in a month it has grown this much. Back in India, we have acres of land covered with pinnatifida. I'll upload some photos soon.

And I use a Canon 1000D. I don't know what you call it here on the states. I think it's The most basic Rebel. It was the cheapest dslr that time. I like to invest in lenses. But now my camera has lived his life. It's been 3-4 years. I'm saving up to buy a 5D Mark 2. Hopefully I'd buy it in April.

Originally Posted by fishboy199413 View Post
Those are snail eggs, probably pond snails. I really like you tank. Do you plan on adding any more fish?
Ohh. So they are pond snail's eggs. Don't know why but I don't mind snails in my tank.
I have already got the fishes. They are in a quarantine tank. Peacock gudgeons will go in a friend's tank. So the fish I've selected for this tank is- Pseudomogil signifer aka Signifer Rainbow. 8 males and 4 females. I hope they would like my tank. It's like inviting someone to live in a house that you made. Hehe...
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