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Originally Posted by PICKLES View Post
1) Kitchen is wife's domain [looks over shoulder], she's lazy about the dishes so the sink is always piled high with them.
I have a small countertop dishwasher beside my pile of dirty dishes and the quick release that the dishwasher uses is by great luck the exact same as the quick release on my tank filling hose.
Buy a dishwasher and tell the wife that it is to make her life easier, then use the quick release in conjunction with your hose and fill that tank up with little risk. (the only risk is that she realizes that the dishwasher purchase was a premeditated trick to get at that downstairs tap)

My tank filling hose consists of a quick release adapter --> 'Y' splitter --> hose --> shut off valve.
I attach the hose to the tap, close the 'hose' side and the valve on the far end of the hose and open the 'no hose' side of the splitter. Run water until I get the temp I want, close the 'no hose' side and open the 'hose' side of the spliter. Then I drag the other end of the hose to the tank, drop it in and open that valve.
When I am done, I shut the valve at the tank end and remove it from the tank, turn off the tap and open the 'no hose' side. Then I go back to the far end and hold it up higher than the 'Y' splitter and open the valve. As I walk back to the tap, I roll the hose up (always keeping it up) and drain all the water out of the hose back into the sink.Finally I close all the valves, disconnect from the tap and put it away.
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