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Originally Posted by TickleMyElmo View Post
But you were never out! Whats the reasoning behind possibly picking up a D7000? Just have some lenses left and figure you might as well get a DSLR to have around when you need the capability that mirrorless sometimes doesn't provide?
Pretty much. I am really enjoying the mirrorless and MF is a blast, but I also miss fast accurate AF at times and the NEX cameras are not known for that. None of the mirrorless systems really are. Not yet at least. I went with the D7000 this time around rather than getting another D300 because of the D300's lack of low light ability. I figured the D7000 was a step or two up and has pretty much everything else I want over the D300. I was able to grab a body for pretty cheap with less than 500 clicks on the shutter. I figured, why not.

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