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Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
Though it is not a SLR, i just picked up a aw100 waterproof camera to try out for in tank shots and video

Hoping to upgrade my slr camera body to a d7000 soon
An AW100 is certainly good enough to join, you want in?

Originally Posted by tommypham View Post
just picked up a D3100 so I guess I'm in!
Great, you can be #095!

Originally Posted by Synyster1337 View Post
I've got a spot in here, hopefully. D90 crew checking in.
Sweet, you can be #096!

Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
Looks like I might be back in...I think I'm going to pick up an almost new (<500 clicks) D7000 to replace my D300 that I recently sold.
But you were never out! Whats the reasoning behind possibly picking up a D7000? Just have some lenses left and figure you might as well get a DSLR to have around when you need the capability that mirrorless sometimes doesn't provide?

Originally Posted by AquaStudent View Post
Last night was a cold night and snow crunched under my feet but before my toes fell off from frostbite I was able to take this shot.

Orion is in the background and one of the observatory's telescope domes is lit up by moonlight in the foreground. I had a small gap before the overcast skies took over.
Sweet! I did some astrophotography for the first time a few days ago (pic on page 39), froze my butt off but I really enjoyed it, definitely plan on getting back out there soon Clouds are my biggest problem so far,'s always freakin' cloudy when I want to go out and take some pics!
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