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Originally Posted by Action53 View Post
I've been thinking of starting up a new tank just for crayfish but I've heard they love to escape and wreck plants. The lps has em for a buck apiece.
That's pretty cheap, most of the ones I've seen in pet stores are quite a bit more. I'm guessing that maybe those are otherwise used as bait?

Originally Posted by Action53 View Post
Are they hard to care for? I'd probably fill their tank with wisteria, that stuff grows almost as fast as duckweed.
When I was living in the North East, I had kept several wild-caught ones for a bit. pretty easy to care for if you keep them solitary. They will rip up plants, kill fish (and even eat them some times) rearrange rocks, move gravel, dismember each other, and climb out of the tank. Some really big/tough plants might work, otherwise I'd probably just try and use various floaters (and even then, I'd expect them to get torn up)

Maybe some of the strains in pet stores are different, and less prone to mayhem and destruction, but I'm pretty sure they would fetch more than a buck each.

I did have one tank that had some sort of apple snail, a convict cichlid, and a wild crayfish, and after a couple days of confrontations, seemed to settle into a sorta tense state of mutual tolerance. Not a set up I'd try again though...

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