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Eight days in. Plants from an RAOK arrived (thanks, Drazend!). Bacopa australis is trying not to melt in the back right corner. Riccia is tied to a rock in front right. Marimo ball on the left in the dark under the dwarf water lettuce. Also added some frogbit from mayphly (Thanks!). The plastic is there to keep the floaters away from the bacopa so it can get some light. The floaters kind of look like they're massing on top of a volcano. LOL Lots of plant debris on the bottom. Vacuumed some out with my partial water change this morning.

Ramshorns and MTS are having a blast.

Still waiting for my filter, lighting, planting tools, etc to arrive. Darn mail holidays. :P If I'm lucky, my items will be here by next Thursday. Ended up ordering an appropriately sized hood to put CFLs in. Current lighting sucks.

The hood says it has to be used over glass... the glass that came with the tank covers the entire opening, so my HOB won't fit. I thought of setting it slightly offset, but then it will stick up outside the rim. Any suggestions?

Have also ordered an anubias petite, some chain swords, pennywort, and other goodies from plant suppliers online and some TPT members having sales.

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