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Well, I've been busy, I've evicted the goldfish, did a 100% water change, and I planted an Amazon Sword, or at least I believe so that I got from a LFS. My NO2 spike is about over. I've been mulling it over and over in my head if non-CO2 will get me what I am going for, and I'm starting to think that CO2 may be my next step. I've read the majority of the DIY regulator builds, and I know many people on here build reliable regulators and sell them so I may go that route.

I've also been switching up what I want in this tank, at first it was live bearers and Inverts, now I may have gotten attached to a bush fish at the LFS. I've been looking for tank makes and am considering Rainbows, larger tetras, plecos. I think my wife gave me the go ahead on a 20l for the live bearers and inverts, or at least that's how I interpreted her.

Also, if anyone is doing any major trimming and would like to get rid of any plants, and is feeling generous I would gladly pay shipping to get a sampler. Main things I'm looking for are Frogbit, Java Fern, Pygmy chain, but I'd gladly try anything, someday down the road I'd like to help someone else like me.

Alright, here are some pictures, I've gotten really attached to the log in the center, its so weathered from being in the river it has great character, I know lots of people like to use branches and what not but this piece just looks so neat. (I do have a branched driftwood soaking right now.)

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