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Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
why are IT coworkers looking for solutions on google?
if google provides the answer, this pretty much negates your job correct?
If you put it that way then pretty much any profession is at risk.

I can find how-to or whatever to fix my car but as easy it may be for me, the majority will not feel competent in performing it. I perform simple maintanence but some things that I know or feel unconfortable I bring to a mechanic because I need my car to go to work.

Same thing applies here, the majority of people out there have no inclination to do it themselves. If they were, would we have so many services or business to cater to that need?

In our case, depending on the issue, the user may not have the access right to fix it most of the time. Application support is one of my duty because I work on deploying it to the desktop environment. We do upgrades every few years on software so it isn't unreasonable to search for the answer but it is unreasonable to not attempt to try it find it yourself especially being paid to provide the support.
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