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Originally Posted by kwheeler91 View Post
Unfortunately, 55's are hard to scape. I know this because my tank is also a 55 and it took me a long time to come up with something presentable in my eyes. The problem is a lot of length and not a lot of depth, just difficult dimensions to work with. My advice to you is buy a variety of plants, use taller plants in the background and scale down as you move towards the front to give feeling of depth. Try different plants to find what looks good together and more importantly what you can grow successfully. As far as aquascaping goes, browse other people's tanks and try to analyze the ones you like the most. Emulate the good aspects until you develop your own style. Good luck!
Thanks, I thought about that too....I have been throwing away plants as I learn how they grow and if its "me"....I also have been doing just as you suggested- browsing others tanks so I can gather ideas for my tank...Great advice thanks!

Originally Posted by owens81jw View Post
IMO, you should get some taller background plants to hide the heater n intakes for the filters ..

maybe water sprites or larger swords plants
I have water sprite that will be placed in somewhere to the left behind the dw, maybe.....I threw away 90% of what I had...seems like a magnet to diatoms...trying not to get many swords due to being nutrient hogs, already have 2....thanks for the advice!
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